Rock Paper Genocide

by RPG-Unit

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This EP is a 'Borderlands 2' inspired release sampling music from the game. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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released July 29, 2014




RPG-Unit Orlando, Florida

RPG-Unit is Alpha Riff, Starby, King Pheenix, StarF, and DJ RoboRob. Each masters of their own craft, they all bring something super special to the table. Alpha Riffs punching lyrics, Starby’s sassyness, King Pheenix’s raw power, and StarF’s witty lyricism smother over the powerful beats brought forth by the talented DJ RoboRob. ... more

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Track Name: I Shoot People
[King Pheenix]
Broken thoughts, the end of hot lead/
Oft said, stepping in the rage lanes, not wreck-
or mended with stitches and options
off this, slag leaves falling off quick
Whiplash, cracking the coffins/

Strike often and silent; virtuoso of violence
Logistics? Defy it; a glitch in the science
Assassination is imminent; my special ability
This place ain’t strong enough to hold me out the facility

Putting my guns in motion, accelerate this bullet velocity
ammo flowing like Satan’s Suckhole as I’m tearing down your HP
Shoot em, Loot em, Dude Not even Dr.Zed can stitch this
Bloody up this Bloodshot stronghold, better fear me bitches.

Commando here lets go, get it moving bullets flow
vault hunting shooting people got a problem lets go
Chew em up spit em out/ hit em honey pull em out
three hundred sixty degrees of rotation my lady twerk em out


[King Pheenix]
Bullet formed religion, call me mr god
little off the face region, burn the whiskers off
Bliss will stop (stop) (stop), when the clip is gone
shoot you in your left nut, twist your spawn (point)

As soon as I enter the room you know it’ll be a bad fight
Ignite instantaneous, lob grenades that precise
Once you see me it’s too late, such a sad sight
You know I kill mad mics sure as I murder Mad Mike

It's cute when you try to shoot but now I've got you phaselocked
you won't enjoy this watch me take my aim and i'm unloading all my shots.
Another one down, find some more Ha- Where you trying to go?
i'm bringing a chemical beatdown and I’m all up in your face bro

Its not even a fair fight here take my gun ill use a knife
bullets flying with punctuation’s before you even write
O you brought some other dudes I shoot friends of people too
everybody’s a killer till i pull out my girls to shoot


[King Pheenix]
Count down, as the shells drown in the root of evil,
Priority, roland found, Two, Shooting people,
Ghost looking through the peep hole, mali-One Cause
ground in the jaws, gunzerker barrage

Stop ‘em and pop ‘em quickly the bullets will drop ‘em
A one way fight or flight, I shoot people non-stoppin’
I know the way of the blade, but always? Why bother
I’m fluent in fluid battle tactics, be like water.

Had enough now bandits? Yo I’m surprised that you lasted
I’m tearing up these halls with bullets watch your asses get blasted.
Are you surrendering now? I think it’s time for a group hug
I use converge and then i purge this stronghold of weak thugs

Its not your privilege its my right as i blaze through the night
I’m a Guerrilla in the mist with a laser on my site
I’m a monster of a man with a Dahl in my hand
All thats left in my wake is a Barren wasteland
Track Name: Loot Slut
[King Pheenix]
Toil over blood and sweat, love my job
raucous god, sacrifice loot, absolve,
this,critical, confirm the visual
Guns for guns, digital , eridium into you
XO, First, low center, quick grab
scraps, you have the blue lighted path.
Million multipliers you do the math
blast a bitch to 64 bits, scratch
legendary itch, perlescent to the iris
Shots, brick wall, falling. the sky hits
Mine,beautiful, got a wedding band
meddle man or woman, then you get a tan
crisp,the trigger quicker than you dodge
click, reload it, Dine on the shots
enough, bruised guts? lace the boots up
loot slut, think you had dibs too tough.

Yeah I look threatening but it's hard to be menacing when I can't grab a weapon
Why you testin'? Now even my own party is steppin'?
Time to learn your lesson
Taking the next legendary drop? Out of the question
Like "Yeah you can have the next one, don't worry"
But when I catch a glimpse you immediately scurry
Fool me once, shame on you
Duel me once, sliced in two

[King Pheenix]
Diced and bruised, chopped salad flesh
need an allen wrench, tighten up your step
blessed, 800 times,l make this fast
dont follow, like a shitty album, i skip tracks
Quick blast corrosive, i can thin dreams
give up, i mean even your skin leaves
inseams, and you can put the us, in dust
ashes to ashes, fucked to up.

Up yours, loot slut, what?! Sucks to suck
I grab guns and run funds, bitch, duck!
I know you want a weapon, act like you gonna score that
Zer0 chance you’ll walk on me, I ain't your Salvadoormat
Alls fair in warfare, no kid gloves required
I'll trump you in a battle, you're gettin' friendly fired
On second thought, take it, use it to shoot pigeons
Practice makes perfect for this new loot midget

[King Pheenix]
Midget!, you asshole, Basho wannabe
Point a gun at me, class mod, wanting teeth
ass in assassin, emote for lost cause
my wish,its three votes for lockjaw
call it in the wind, putting down the perro
cero, hands off, loot no dinero
sharp as an arrow, dim as a road light
knocked out, left behind leads for a cold night

Stop with the collecting lil loot slut maverick
Not even top guns fix those maladroit missed hits
You boys should just quit, Imma party of one
Salvadork can't do my damage when you use two guns
And assassin named after the amount of your kills
couldn't put it to good use because you've got zer0 skills
Stop your petty fighting, cuz it's making me cringe
About to leave you blue and purple just to get to that orange

All you guys, sluts for Loot
fight but your forgetting who?
I even shot more people too
trivial in this persuit
instead of talking smack around
I just simply lay it down
fighting over the new toys
children settle down
fight each other one more time
ill turn this truck around
Since we can’t all play nice
this loot is mine now
Everybody take a step back,
put the guns down
I'm just gonna dupe em all out
are we happy now?

[DJ RoboRob]
Hello there minions, it’s me, Claptrap!
Gimmie a high five? don’t make it awkward while i rap.
You’re all worse than stairs, so just gimmie your loot,
I’m the-
Track Name: Claptrap's Dubstep Song He Wrote
Stanton Dahl once said And i quote
"There are three types of people in this universe:
people who need to be killed, the people doing the killing,
and the people who pay them”
I just happen ladies and gentlemen to be the second
good luck if your the first / ill see ya soon ( maniacal laughter)

I got a Pacifying Pitchfork sniper rifle gets work
Legendary Dahl Weapons, fill my pack, picked first
I don’t wanna sneak around/ i just wanna gun ya down
firing with little resistance they spread my love around
Everybody come get some i just wanna show my love
rock you to till you all fall sleep / six feet deep

D - is for the the Death they cause/ man i wanna shoot em all
A - is an all out Assault / i just came to do my part
H - because we Hit em all / everybody gonna fall
L - for all the Life thats lost / DAHL is what I’m Tellin y’all

Bursting while I’m zoomed at y’all / Patrol Scorpio does it all
Pistols that can snipe you all / bussing 3 plus rounds in ya
Loaded Hornets filled with lead buzzing bullets at your head
Spraying with my SMGs / just give it a little squeeze
Skirmish with this Emperor leave you running like pantie hoes

[King Pheenix]
Jakobs, the only sure way to meet your maker
In pieces, "break up" shaken, these guns are,layups.
Impact, like falling back from a skysscraper
Violators, die dialated for dyed paper
Legendary, sharing cemeteries, wholesale
Wood and metal layering,demon bearings, cold nails
oh well,get to hell, spread the word
didnt hurt one bit, it forgets your nerves
burned, dont need fire breath to hit desired temp
power is my dialect, decides whos dying next
try and quest, without these, skating uphill
curing disease, but only eating one pill
king of the gun hill, pro pain accessory
lecher for pleasantry, GSR is blessing me
guess youll see the love,gun massacre tests
we know if youve got wood in your hand, happiness.

Picking up my Maliwan- Where form meets function
I'm the master of the elements prepare for your destruction
Combustion, Eruption, Do Damage over time.
But It's too late to run, just try because I'm-
Slagging you up -cover you in that purple goop
& you'll be taking double damage the next time that i shoot.
Cuz plain Bullets just aren't cool enough- gotta set you on fire
Unprotected flesh assures there'll be no survivors
Upgrade to armor, but It's not match for corrosive
Like Hedorah dissolve your face with plethora of acid
U mad bitch? Switch defense- I'm sure that shield is better
Except [] I shoot more lightning than the next leading competitor
don't even have to shoot though, just take this grenade []
explode you from afar, sit back, and watch you spray all ways
Transform the battlefield, just watch what I create. []
Combat is an art and Maliwan is my paint.

Hello comrade, ah yes, brothers in arms
Vladof at your service leaving others so harmed
With an array of spray we're leaving no body unbloodied
You've got the kills as long as we've got your money
It ain't nothin funny take it from me we'll keep you gunning
We ain't Maliwan but our products are still stunning
Trust us, we know two things: Firearms and vodka
Have 'em runnin' tail between their legs, frightened devotchkas
We can bet you'll like the competition, but you'll like us moreso
Take 'em out like Clockwork, the weapons so horrorshow
Droogs by your side 'cause you never leave the hand flat
Backtrack confident and drop 'em with the nadsat
Phat tracks, whack cats, killing the vicinity
Shoot for the stars 'cause you'll be movin' for Infinity
Rapidly, reach for the hammer and sickle, you like that
Vladof has one question: will you be ready to fight back?!