Press Start

by RPG-Unit

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Season 2 of RPG-Unit is here with their new single and video "Press Start" featuring Starf, King Pheenix, Starby, DJ RoboRob and new member Alpha Riff. Download now on Bandcamp for free, and be sure to follow RPG-Unit for more music and videos!

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Did you hear that? Did you SEE that?
StarF just murdered the track, can you believe that?
WHY SPEAK OF THE DEVIL, I've been spittin' satanic
Just for the hell of it, fire erupts, I'm active volcanic
So jot this down in your notes for when you're writing your fanfic:
My verses are liable to burn a bible, I'm a heathen god damnit
The pentagram was my meter, my rhymes are iambic
In that by the second syllable you're stressed out by my antics
Like a Cold (Soul)Stone, Diablo's like "I gotta have it"
But I wouldn't give up my soul for any less than free transit
Between Heaven and Hell, best believe I run the gamut
And I drop vernacular like bombs just to see if they can stand it
So if the state of emergency's got your psyche in panic
Slip into something more comfortable as we shift into manic
Cause we may perish but we'll make history on this planet
So important that when they rebuild they'll re-enact it

Check your temperature, coming down with a pheever
cult leader, mind control, loading the bleachers
alchemist with scorpion spears, golden retrievers
ill eat sleep murder the beat, word to the speakers
these hands, main event will delete chance
unique plans, feed rpg fiends with 3 grams
take each land, bury crowns in deep sand
square across the atlus, persona matches heat lamps
twisted metal, tonight the statues animate
ink to the skin, canvas to a can of paint
spray, wild, corrosive, flowin through damaged grates
we mutate, relate to writers, abandon fate
skill, starby,starf riff, Rob, doom, we all kill
Stall the red pill, doesnt matter the falls real
applaud still, we’ll pass the masters, cheif
our eday, we slay, no way you go back to sleep

Dangerous to go alone I chose to link this party up
so listen up; gotta a new crew the Unit's legendary stuff
pray we're pressing quit? go ahead and waste you're time
sound comes out so smooth, we're like the ocarina of rhyme.
On that grindstone, crafting raps. group of smiths well versed with that
Hammer out these so fast we'll leave you always running back/[right?]
Pheenixs cool , But I heard that StarFs a stalker
new challenger appears Alpha Ripped is on this roster
For real though. I'm Starby. And Peopleings too hard.
I don't know how I rap cuz I'm like an 8 Charisma Bard.
With my Anime avatar, yo i’m hiding on the internet
Have more friends online than life type, edit and submit
Just need my unit and there’s nothing I can’t get through.
past, present, and future members family stays true.
-Bring on Season 2; A new eras gunna transmit
Entering the New Game Plus with the only RPG-Unit.

Alpha Riff:
It’s that hunter from Digitalia / Cyber, Digi Champ father
Armor plated, ammo laced / Slice you from your groin to face
Break you without even tryin’ / Death, can you taste it
On Earth with a brand new crew / Ridin’ deep with some slayers that’ll snap you in two
Shit, you know what we do / Bow before these Gods
We got nothin’ left to prove / Lambs blood on doors won’t save you from the truth
Wash you out in 40 years worth of floods / Bring an ark if you think you’re above the buzz
We the locusts eatin’ everything you hold dear / Deities wit’ chips on shoulders, am I clear
Soundwaves slam you from an Android father / Werewolves crushin’ you with that Princess makin’ you her fodder
A Maniacal Man and Doomsday plans / You gettin’ straight trampled from this cyborg Horse Man
Let’s go

DJ RoboRob:
WubWub BoomBap WeepWerp BoomClap


released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


RPG-Unit Orlando, Florida

RPG-Unit is Alpha Riff, Starby, King Pheenix, StarF, and DJ RoboRob. Each masters of their own craft, they all bring something super special to the table. Alpha Riffs punching lyrics, Starby’s sassyness, King Pheenix’s raw power, and StarF’s witty lyricism smother over the powerful beats brought forth by the talented DJ RoboRob. ... more

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